Microaggressions Now Second Leading Killer of Liberals in US | The Barbed Wire

Source: Microaggressions Now Second Leading Killer of Liberals in US | The Barbed Wire

[New post] J.E.B. Bush Is a Nightmare That Will Continue Obama’s Destructive DREAM – jab@boren.nu – boren.me Mail

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Source: [New post] J.E.B. Bush Is a Nightmare That Will Continue Obama’s Destructive DREAM – jab@boren.nu – boren.me Mail

About White Genocide – White GeNOcide Project

What is White genocide? “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”…Read more →

Source: About White Genocide – White GeNOcide Project

An Open Letter to Erik Erikson

An Open Letter to Erik Erikson.

Megyn Kelly’s MILF Status in Question After Debate Performance

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

NEW YORK CITY (The Barbed Wire) – Controversy has erupted in male circles coast to coast after Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly threw a “war on women” statement and question at Republican front-runner Donald Trump early in Thursday night’s debate. Was Trump immature in his response? Sure he was. But Donald answered the charge by saying any disparaging remarks he had made in the past toward females were directed at Rosie O’Donnell, which is entirely understandable. The event has caused many men to question whether Kelly’s once rock-solid MILF status was now up for debate itself after the attack. The action in question is similar to when a male has his man-card revoked.

For anyone not familiar with the term “MILF,” there’s this thing called Google. Kelly’s headline-making exchange with Trump raised many eyebrows and forced some men to reexamine their belief system. Cody Hamilton, a welder from Scranton, Pennsylvania…

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Planned Parenthood Videos Being Retitled to Get Media’s Attention

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

IRVINE, CA (The Barbed Wire) – Tired of the mainstream media ignoring the story about their videos of Planned Parenthood admitting they participate in the illegal practice of selling aborted baby body parts, The Center for Medical Progress is ‘rebranding’ their videos to make them more user-friendly for members of the media. Of course, these members of the media are choosing to ignore this tragedy to save face for their sacred Planned Parenthood.

Knowing how damaging the videos would be if the majority of the American people, especially their coveted low-information audience, were to know -and see – the evil truth in the videos, these “news” outlets have chosen to saturate the airwaves with stories of the death of an African lion instead. So changes have been made to get their attention.

Five videos have been released so far and there are rumored to be nine or ten total. Once…

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When Are Americans Going to Get Bold and Revolt Against Illegal Immigration? When it’s Too Late and We Work for Them?

Originally posted on Lisa Richards: Rock N' Roll Politics:

I’m fed up with illegal aliens, all 50 million of them, and I have no problem saying I do not like them and I want Americans to fight them off our soil or we Americans will be working for the illegals.

Illegals are not immigrants, they are invaders no different than the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, only illegals do not arrive with fully loaded war planes to attack and decimate us, they commit their war against the United States and our people through their third world cultural invasion.

Every single illegal alien is a thug, and that includes their children, whether or not those children were born on this soil, they are all criminals who invade the United States. They do not come here to become Americans, rather to ambush our culture, our language, our heritage, society norms, and mug our jobs.

Look at American jobs that were once lucrative: Landscaping and house…

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New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue

New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue.

The War on White Women – Part II – It’s About Babies. Or Is It?

Originally posted on vikingbitch's Blog:


This link takes the reader to black female author who provides a theory regarding the War on Women. The author states that the War on Women in America is really about (white) women not having babies.

It is interesting how the author uses the () around white.  It is like the fact that white women are not having babies is this Big Dirty Secret.

The White Woman, and really it is the Germanic Looking Woman, is perceived as the Whore of the World. We are vilified all over the Internet.  Just “google” Western Women and you will come up with a zillion links talking about how bad we are.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but  again DieVersity = Disinformation, which is really why any Thinking White Person out there should just disassociate from ALL forms of DieVersity and the Misinformation Media, which now includes the Internet.

Or, like me, try to light…

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#BlackLivesMatter Releases “Life Value” Numbers, Not All Are Equal

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

PHOENIX (The Barbed Wire) – Much confusion has ensued following the shout downs of first, Hillary Clinton, and now fellow Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, after they each made the mistake of saying “All Lives Matter” at campaign events attended by members of the #BlackLivesMatter (#BLM) movement. After being booed off the stage for making such foolish statements, leaders of #BLM felt it necessary to set the racial record straight.

According to leaders of the protest movement, black lives rank the highest in importance with a life value of 100. Native Americans and women, regardless of race, rank a close second with a score of 90 because of their similar past troubles with white men. Next in importance are Hispanics and Asians, each valued at 80 out of 100. Transgendered and gay lives come in at 65, and Muslims earn a ranking of 60.

White lives didn't make the cut for this protester's sign White lives didn’t…

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