New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue

New California: Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue.

The War on White Women – Part II – It’s About Babies. Or Is It?

Originally posted on vikingbitch's Blog:

This link takes the reader to black female author who provides a theory regarding the War on Women. The author states that the War on Women in America is really about (white) women not having babies.

It is interesting how the author uses the () around white.  It is like the fact that white women are not having babies is this Big Dirty Secret.

The White Woman, and really it is the Germanic Looking Woman, is perceived as the Whore of the World. We are vilified all over the Internet.  Just “google” Western Women and you will come up with a zillion links talking about how bad we are.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but  again DieVersity = Disinformation, which is really why any Thinking White Person out there should just disassociate from ALL forms of DieVersity and the Misinformation Media, which now includes the Internet.

Or, like me, try to light…

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#BlackLivesMatter Releases “Life Value” Numbers, Not All Are Equal

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

PHOENIX (The Barbed Wire) – Much confusion has ensued following the shout downs of first, Hillary Clinton, and now fellow Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, after they each made the mistake of saying “All Lives Matter” at campaign events attended by members of the #BlackLivesMatter (#BLM) movement. After being booed off the stage for making such foolish statements, leaders of #BLM felt it necessary to set the racial record straight.

According to leaders of the protest movement, black lives rank the highest in importance with a life value of 100. Native Americans and women, regardless of race, rank a close second with a score of 90 because of their similar past troubles with white men. Next in importance are Hispanics and Asians, each valued at 80 out of 100. Transgendered and gay lives come in at 65, and Muslims earn a ranking of 60.

White lives didn't make the cut for this protester's sign White lives didn’t…

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Liberal ‘Coping Kit’ Now Available With New Historical Eraser | The Barbed Wire

Liberal ‘Coping Kit’ Now Available With New Historical Eraser | The Barbed Wire.

Why Blacks Are Allowed “Black Churches” and Awards but Whites Are Not

Why Blacks Are Allowed “Black Churches” and Awards but Whites Are Not.

WordPress Gaystapo Engineers Impose Views on Users

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

For those of you who are not bloggers, you probably aren’t aware of this but WordPress (the hosting server used for this blog and many others) has decided to impose its political views on all of its users, whether they like it or not. Yesterday afternoon, shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage was announced, I logged on to see what was happening on the old blog. When I went to the stats page, the page that shows me how many of you fine people have checked in to see what smart ass material I’ve come up with today, I was met with a rainbow banner across the top of my page.

I knew immediately why it was there but was a little surprised to see it anyway. My first thought was “That’s pretty ballsy. How do they know that’s what I want in my face on…

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Fast-Tracking TPP, The Danger Of Informal Immigration Deals, And The Need For Treason Trials | VDARE.COM

Fast-Tracking TPP, The Danger Of Informal Immigration Deals, And The Need For Treason Trials | VDARE.COM.

The republic is dead, and a storm is coming – Personal Liberty

The republic is dead, and a storm is coming – Personal Liberty.

Voters Get A Choice: Do As They’re Told, by Robert Gore

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC:

Democrats have one political imperative: to expand the size and power of the government. That leaves anyone who thinks it should shrink three options: the Republican party, a “fringe” party, or political independence. Republican worthies mumble rhetoric of limited government and individual freedom, but their policies departed from those lodestars long ago. Jeb Bush is the perfect Republican establishment candidate: distinguished lineage, fund-raising titan, former Southern governor, pro-business, and most importantly, he supports all the Republican policies favored by the worthies. Unfortunately for them and him, his candidacy is drawing little support from actual Republican voters; his poll numbers for a candidate with his name recognition are abysmal (see “Jeb and the ‘Immortal 306,’”

Those numbers highlight a critical issue for the Republicans: its elite is out of step on key issues with a substantial number of not just Republicans, but fringe party members and independents who…

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“Radical Brownies” Today, “Black Pantherettes” Tomorrow

Originally posted on The Barbed Wire:

OAKLAND, CA (The Barbed Wire) – For decades, Girl Scouts has been a good place for young girls to begin building skill sets, developing good behavior, building personal relationships and learning respect for others. Oh yeah, and selling cookies. But now, in Oakland, a Brownie troop has decided it’s time to pervert this long standing institution.

Calling themselves the “Radical Brownies,” this group of young women, but most likely their parents, have decided that racial activism is what has been missing from Girl Scouts all these years. How did the organization survive all these years without it? The girls have already been taught false narratives about Mike Brown being shot “because he wasn’t doing nothing, he was just shot because of his skin color,” and “White policeman are shooting black folks like men, women and children because of their color.” Sweet!

Who knows, maybe the next Alice Sharpton, Erica Holder…

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