Mexican Insurgency

While our troops are fighting insurgents in Iraq our country is being invaded by insurgents from Mexico. If anyone thinks that they do not want to occupy the Southwest part of the U.S. then you need to think again.

Latino activist groups have a stated mission of conquering California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

The sad part of it is that our own Senate led by Sens. Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer and of course. the leader of the pack, Ted Kennedy are dead set on turning the above States over to the insurgents with out even firing a shot in defense. They want to grant amnesty to approximately 11 to 20 million illegals already in the country and leave the border wide open for millions of more illegals to cross.

With our troops tied up in Iraq and our elected officials selling us out to activist and special interest groups we are in for a very difficult fight but I assure you we will win the fight.

Our first step must be to only vote for officials who stress border security first and employer sanctions second. There is no way we can unseat the above mentioned Senators so we must elect enough Senators who oppose their view to effectively neuter them.

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