So Called Immigration Reform Round Two

It’s May in Washington; that means time for immigration “reform.” Last May, the Senate passed a horrible comprehensive (a.k.a amnesty) bill, which would have legalized almost all the 12 million illegal aliens now in our country. It would have also set up a guest-worker program, importing up to 200,000 foreign workers every year. The majority of Senate Republicans opposed the Kennedy-McCain-Hagel-Martinez bill (S. 2611), but the Senate passed it by 62-36 (Roll Call 157). Thanks to sensible House members, the bill died.

Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), is bringing up this dangerous bill (S. 1348) again, as a starting point for the Senate debate on immigration, which could begin tomorrow! Eagle Forum members nationwide have been instrumental in stopping the amnesty President Bush and party elites want to force on the American people. Your calls and local action are needed yet again!!

Here are some important points to remember:

  • “Comprehensive” immigration reform is a code phrase for amnesty. Any bill that allows illegal aliens to stay here is amnesty. Calling it “earned legalization” or labeling illegal aliens as “guest-workers” does not change the fact that they broke the law to come and stay here.
  • Guest-worker programs are immoral. Importing large numbers of cheap foreign workers (whether temporary or not) sends the message that Americans think they are too good to do certain jobs and only foreigners should be forced to do them. America does not have a caste system and we should not allow big business and cultural elites to force one on us.
  • “Touchback” Provisions make a mockery of our laws. Some immigration proposals call for an illegal alien (or even just one per family) to “touchback” in their home country or simply outside the U.S. in order to receive legal status. The time period could be as short as one day. This provision is just another term for amnesty.
  • We must end Chain Migration. Once foreign nationals become U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, they are allowed to sponsor many extended family members, including adult in-laws, cousins, etc. to immigrate to the U.S. We should give preference for nuclear family reunification.
  •  “Attrition through Enforcement.” As we beef up border security, interior enforcement, and reduce incentives for illegal immigration, the illegal alien population will shrink on its own. As it becomes harder to exist illegally in the U.S., illegal aliens will return to their home countries. About 200,000 illegal aliens already go home every year, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

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