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January third.  First day for the 113th Congress and they have already sold you out and will do so again tomorrow.  What exactly did they say they were going to do?  Ah, yes, they didn’t say.  You would have shunned them like a leper if they had told you what their real plans are.  But now they’re in and there’s simply nothing you can do about it.  They will do whatever they want.  Even better, they will point to all your votes they received as proof positive you gave them a mandate to do whatever they want.

Ranger Up Politicians

Well, you do have one option, but the American people have used it so rarely in the past.  Revolution is like sex — really messy and exhausting if you’re doing it right.

Double Tap as Neccessary

And when you hear them speak of how owning a gun to hunt should be a privilege and not a right…

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