Going to Guns: A Critical Introduction to the OODA Cycle


I would hazard the guess that most people involved in any level of “tactical” shooting today have at least heard of the term “OODA loop.” Whether they are liberty-minded, Constitutional Patriots, Jack-booted Stasi wannabes, or power-lifting, door-kicking, military special operations gunslingers, you can’t spend much time studying gunfighting and not come across the term. If you are completely unfamiliar with the term, I can confidently say, you are NOT ready to be in a fight.

Unfortunately, as I discuss the OODA Cycle with people, in classes or outside of them, I discover that, regardless of how much they talk about “interrupting his OODA loop,” or “getting inside the OODA loop,” and more, too many people legitimately do not understand what it actually means, nor how to train it to improve their response times to stimuli.

If you’ve learned and practiced your decision-making matrices, and know HOW to think critically under…

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