The West Summarized In One Sentence

The Camp Of The Saints

It is not an easy thing to do [Lord knows I’ve tried to fashion such a quip to have handy in conversations with people who refuse to see how dire our Cultural situation is], but Richard Fernandez has done it:

To an ever-greater degree the “free man” of the West is an unarmed, frightened, policed and browbeaten cipher whose first reaction to any crisis is to ‘shelter in place’.

That’s a head shot, a bullseye.

Some have speculated that The West is merely experiencing what every civilization in the past has: exhaustion. These prognosticators believe that societies eventually get tired of defending their customs and traditions and sink into an Apathy.

While the widespread miasma of Apathy is hanging over The West, I don’t see it as being the result of a general fatigue.

As Jean Raspail wrote in his 1985 Introduction to a new edition of The Camp…

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