“Radical Brownies” Today, “Black Pantherettes” Tomorrow

The Barbed Wire

OAKLAND, CA (The Barbed Wire) – For decades, Girl Scouts has been a good place for young girls to begin building skill sets, developing good behavior, building personal relationships and learning respect for others. Oh yeah, and selling cookies. But now, in Oakland, a Brownie troop has decided it’s time to pervert this long standing institution.

Calling themselves the “Radical Brownies,” this group of young women, but most likely their parents, have decided that racial activism is what has been missing from Girl Scouts all these years. How did the organization survive all these years without it? The girls have already been taught false narratives about Mike Brown being shot “because he wasn’t doing nothing, he was just shot because of his skin color,” and “White policeman are shooting black folks like men, women and children because of their color.” Sweet!

Who knows, maybe the next Alice Sharpton, Erica Holder…

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