Voters Get A Choice: Do As They’re Told, by Robert Gore


Democrats have one political imperative: to expand the size and power of the government. That leaves anyone who thinks it should shrink three options: the Republican party, a “fringe” party, or political independence. Republican worthies mumble rhetoric of limited government and individual freedom, but their policies departed from those lodestars long ago. Jeb Bush is the perfect Republican establishment candidate: distinguished lineage, fund-raising titan, former Southern governor, pro-business, and most importantly, he supports all the Republican policies favored by the worthies. Unfortunately for them and him, his candidacy is drawing little support from actual Republican voters; his poll numbers for a candidate with his name recognition are abysmal (see “Jeb and the ‘Immortal 306,’”

Those numbers highlight a critical issue for the Republicans: its elite is out of step on key issues with a substantial number of not just Republicans, but fringe party members and independents who…

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