Planned Parenthood Videos Being Retitled to Get Media’s Attention

The Barbed Wire

IRVINE, CA (The Barbed Wire) – Tired of the mainstream media ignoring the story about their videos of Planned Parenthood admitting they participate in the illegal practice of selling aborted baby body parts, The Center for Medical Progress is ‘rebranding’ their videos to make them more user-friendly for members of the media. Of course, these members of the media are choosing to ignore this tragedy to save face for their sacred Planned Parenthood.

Knowing how damaging the videos would be if the majority of the American people, especially their coveted low-information audience, were to know -and see – the evil truth in the videos, these “news” outlets have chosen to saturate the airwaves with stories of the death of an African lion instead. So changes have been made to get their attention.

Five videos have been released so far and there are rumored to be nine or ten total. Once…

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