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The Establishment is throwing Hail Mary after Hail Mary now that Donald Trump is chalking up significant primary wins. Consider Sen. John McCain’s statement on Thursday, urging the voters to listen to the “smart people” in foreign policy: “At a time when our world has never been more complex or more in danger, as we watch the threatening actions of a neo-imperial Russia, an assertive China, an expansionist Iran, an insane North Korean ruler, and terrorist movements that are metastasizing across the Middle East and Africa, I want Republican voters to pay close attention to what our party’s most respected and knowledgeable leaders and national security experts are saying about Mr. Trump, and to think long and hard about who they want to be our next Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world.” So let me get this straight. We have had Establishment policies for the last 25 years. Establishment foreign policy. Establishment trade policy. Establishment economic policy. On many of

Source: Elites in Hail Mary Land | LifeZette


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