If We Let Them

Heathen Women

No one will be safe from what they have in store for us.

They will continue poisoning our air, our water, our food, and our soil. The human body will become so filled with toxins – through GMOs, chemtrails, vaccines, and other “medicine” – that hardly anyone will come close to being even “normal”, let alone great. Soon most children will be diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, while cancer rates for young adults will skyrocket.

They will turn our world into a giant trash heap, with the natural world buried beneath. People will be forced to live in cramped conditions in sprawling megalopolises, far away the lush forests and clean rivers our ancestors once knew. The artificial will be elevated above the natural in every way. Genetic engineering will create utter monstrosities, nanobots will be used to build their new Babylon, and the last remnants of paradise will be…

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