The Greater Depression – Part 1 | Zero Hedge

The corporate mainstream media faux journalists scorn and ridicule anyone who makes the case we are currently in the midst of another Great Depression. They are paid to peddle a recovery narrative to keep the masses ignorant, sedated, and distracted by latest adventures of Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians. An impartial assessment of the facts reveals today’s Depression to be every bit as dreadful for the average American as it was in the 1930s

Source: The Greater Depression – Part 1 | Zero Hedge


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    Something I have been crowing about for some time. Almost all of the jobs that were added to the economy, as few as they were, went to immigrant and illegal workers. The pitifully low growth rate of +/- 1% thus benefitted American Citizens not at all!! Needless to say, I like this very much!

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