The Mauer Just Got Four Meters Higher

The Kakistocracy

If we ignore human nature long enough, maybe it will go away. That’s the typical Western stance on all social manifestations of mankind’s biodiversity. Most of these expressions are now so obvious that only air-tight cultural blockades keep them from being any more controversial than basic math. It’s an effective strategy, that I suppose we should be grateful hasn’t been more thoroughly applied. If stating the results of 2+2 equaled getting fired for Hate, children would only learn working addition from pseudonymous shitlords on dissident blogs. The lesson being: most men only say what they may, not what they must.

One of the things men would more often say under a less stringent embargo is how all of them crave their own space. A room for themselves within their house, a house for their family within the city, and a habitat for their people within the world. These yearnings are…

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