Falling Down

The Kakistocracy

Despite the honest and extravagant antipathy on both sides, I don’t place high odds on a civil war second act. Mostly because the right doesn’t have the funding, leadership, and uniformity of opinion to fight it, and the left doesn’t have the need. If the only skirmishes fought in the future are between antifa and ATMs then the left wins. Europe will become America, which will become Brazil, which will become South Africa, which will become Rhodesia. And while young SJW parents will still furtively seek Good Schools for their 1.3 theybies, they’ll find the selections slim in Harare. But that’s their well-earned problem.

What I wanted to mention in a bout of blogging sloth was someone else’s opinion about likely resolutions to the experiment being conducted in this American Petri dish. I was reading a piece over at Ron Unz’s site who, as you know, has an IQ…

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