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Schrödinger’s Catlady

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A Georgetown University professor (first red flag), (((Christine Fair))) (second red flag — you could set your watch to this), who is as far as a quick duckduckgo search could reveal both unmarried and childless (third and fourth red flags — but thank Yahweh for small favors) has stated she…

Don’t Show Me the Time and I’ll Show You the Crime

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The Fundamental Question

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You Are the Alien Now

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A culture is defined by its heroes, a hero being one who embodies the virtues and advances the idea of that culture. Most heroes have embodied the military virtues of valor and marital skill, but it is perfectly reasonable to say that there have been cultures in which the heroes…

Falling Down

Originally posted on The Kakistocracy:
Despite the honest and extravagant antipathy on both sides, I don’t place high odds on a civil war second act. Mostly because the right doesn’t have the funding, leadership, and uniformity of opinion to fight it, and the left doesn’t have the need. If the only skirmishes fought in the…

Diversity + Proximity = War: Sarah Jeong Edition

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Remember when I first wrote Diversity + Proximity = War, and noted that, among other consequences of increasing racial diversity within the American Intra-Empire, one battle line would be formed around the normalization of anti-White hatred? Well, MPC just dedicated a whole thread to my astuteness. Consilience! *** From commenter…

As You Would Oppose the Devil

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Could We Ever See Them As Friends?

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Are You An Amazonian Citizen?

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Jeff Bezos, world’s richest robber baron and owner of the Bezos Blog (the newspaper formerly known as the Washington Post), just made another few billion dollars, thanks to the tireless efforts of traitorous scumbag Chamber of Commerce Republican cucks who never saw a cheap labor donor dollar they didn’t like.…

Desired End State

Originally posted on Western Rifle Shooters Association: Deal with it. Related: NYT: How Conservatives Weaponized The First Amendment Any questions?