It Has Nothing To Do With Polar Bears Or Climate

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Climate activists hate the US, they hate freedom, they hate free enterprise, they hate people in general, and mainly they despise themselves. There appears to be no limit to how big a lie they will manufacture to push their agenda.

It is beyond my comprehension why any US citizen would pander to them.

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White House Fence Breach Illustrates Elite’s Double Standards On Immigration | VDARE.COM

White House Fence Breach Illustrates Elite’s Double Standards On Immigration | VDARE.COM.

Obama’s lawless immigration plan is a gift to the 1 percent

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Unlike most political issues, immigration is not really a right vs. left or Republican vs. Democrat issue. Instead, immigration is better understood as an elite vs. public issue where the elite in our society tends to support higher levels of immigration and where the general public tends to support lower levels of immigration. For politicians of all political stripes, the question on immigration is whether they will side with the elite or the public.

The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations confirmed this divide years ago in a survey that contrasted the views of elites and the general public on a wide range of issues, including defense spending, foreign aid, Islamic fundamentalism, promoting and defending human rights, strengthening the United Nations, treaties to reduce global warming, and, of course, immigration. The “elite” group responding to the survey was made up of nearly 400 opinion leaders, including members of Congress, the White…

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If You Like Your Head…

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NYT, AP Ignore Large Contingent of Socialists and Far-Leftists in NYC Climate March

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NYT, AP Ignore Socialists and Far-Leftists in NYC Climate March

At Tea Party and conservative events, the press routinely seeks out any shred of evidence of far-right extremism, racism or even uncivil behavior exhibited by attendees. If found, it then tries to portray even one or a few such people out of thousands as somehow typical.

Rallies in support of liberals’ pet causes get a completely different treatment. The press almost invariably ignores rampant left-wing extremism clearly on display. Sunday’s “Climate March” in New York City, along with other smaller marches in other parts of the world, exemplifies the blatant double standard. The Blaze, Gateway Pundit, and others reported no shortage of Gotham protesters often uncivilly advocating an end to capitalism and its replacement with “a socialist future.” The Associated Press and the New York Times ignored it all.

Here’s what The Blaze’s Oliver Darcy found (Caution:…

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#Ferguson – when assholes collide | Ivy Mike Cafe

#Ferguson – when assholes collide | Ivy Mike Cafe.

On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration typical travel path through a nation
Border Bob sends.

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Texas Cops Form Volunteer ‘Border Brotherhood’ To Regulate Immigration « Pat Dollard

Texas Cops Form Volunteer ‘Border Brotherhood’ To Regulate Immigration « Pat Dollard.

Rules for Changing a Limited Republican Government into an Unlimited Hereditary One

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H/t to the reader who sent this classic.

Read it and see how close reality has hewed to the plan.

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Does The Arctic Need To Be Prosecuted?

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Some climate experts want to make skepticism of junk science a felony, and every day it becomes more clear that the Arctic has no respect for climate models or eminent government scientists. This is shocking, and it is time for the Arctic to be prosecuted. The Arctic is aiding and abetting climate deniers, as well as making obscene gestures towards the world’s leading academics.

ScreenHunter_1309 Jul. 26 06.11

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Climate experts understand the Arctic, but the Arctic simply doesn’t understand itself.

ScreenHunter_1311 Jul. 26 06.21

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

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