Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial

Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial.

Veterans overwhelmingly disapprove of Obama

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Two-thirds of military veterans disapprove of President Obama’s leadership of America, according to a new survey by Concerned Veterans for America. That number is notably higher than last month’s 59 percent of Americans who said they were discontent with the Obama administration, in an AP-GfK poll.

Seventy-three percent of veterans agreed with former Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, that the national debt (now hinged at $17.5 trillion, $7 trillion more than when Obama took office in January 2009) is “the greatest threat to our national security.”

It’s one of the reasons 68 percent of veterans believe the country is “on the wrong track,” while a recent CBS poll found 61 percent of the public came to the same conclusion.

Only two percent of veterans said America has made foreign affairs its top priority, which may be one reason for the low opinion of how the government is operating.

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William Watson: If American wages are determined by skills, it’s hard to see how inequality in wages is unfair

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Everyone knows the United States has the highest income inequality among the rich nations of the world. OK. Which rich country offers the biggest payoff to ability? The United States does. Put the two together. If U.S. inequality is the result of the U.S. rewarding ability, is there really a problem?

That the U.S. labour market is in fact the most responsive in the OECD to differences in abilities is the conclusion of a new study by the labour economist, Eric Hanushek of Stanford University and the Hoover Institution, and three German colleagues. They make use of an OECD-sponsored survey of almost 35,000 people in 22 OECD countries that took place in 2011-12. The survey asked participants detailed questions about their incomes, work experience, education and so on and then (imagine!) administered tests of their numeracy, literacy and ability to solve problems.

Hanushek and his colleagues took the results and…

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No country for free men » Cold Fury

No country for free men » Cold Fury.

Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis just gave what may be the most motivating speech of all time

Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis just gave what may be the most motivating speech of all time.

“Dear beautiful America, please, stop moving Forward…”

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Upon migrating to the United States many years ago, I embraced my new home and left the past behind. Never could I imagine that, at some point, that past would become relevant.

But now, I am compelled to talk about it again.

In the USSR, we had state-controlled media which shaped the narrative entirely.

Our founder, Vladimir Lenin, was portrayed as a noble, charismatic, and smart man — the champion of the underdog (the working class), the seeker of equality, defeater of the rich. The humble man with common ideas who was destined for greatness.

Lenin peered at us intently from textbooks and walls. His was the face behind the good intentions that shaped our everyday life.
As a kid, I was largely shielded by my family — they took the brunt of “adult tasks” in everyday life. They bribed officials to accomplish the most basic of things, they conserved…

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The Immigration Invasion – Jan Morgan Media

The Immigration Invasion – Jan Morgan Media.



Fact Checking Obama’s State Of The Union | Truth Revolt

Fact Checking Obama’s State Of The Union | Truth Revolt.

Neeley: Lack of hurricanes helps climate change skeptics – Houston Chronicle

Neeley: Lack of hurricanes helps climate change skeptics – Houston Chronicle.


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