Monthly Archives: April 2006

Mexican Insurgency

While our troops are fighting insurgents in Iraq our country is being invaded by insurgents from Mexico. If anyone thinks that they do not want to occupy the Southwest part of the U.S. then you need to think again. Latino activist groups have a stated mission of conquering California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The […]

Stupid Lazy Americans

In Dallas Texas we had approximately 500 American Citizens protesting against amnesty for illegal aliens. The next day there was at least 350 thousand Mexicans protesting for and demanding amnesty for illegals. It seems that the vast majority of American Citizens were to busy buying cheap Chinese goods at Wal-Mart and setting 10 vehicles deep […]

Out of the Shadows?

Our President, members of Congress and the majority of the news media insist that amnesty should be granted to illegal immigrants so that they can come out of the shadows. If 500 thousand plus protesters waving Mexican flags and shouting Viva Mexico is considered being in shadow, I suggest that the above mentioned people get […]

American Flag

From segment on local newscast. A student in Royce City Texas was sent home from school for displaying American flags on his truck. The reason given by the Royce City school spokesperson was to prevent any conflict with the Mexican students who have been protesting and displaying Mexican flags. I was not aware that displaying […]